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This Will Destroy You

This Will Destroy You was introduced to me by a friend of mine. The band originates from Texas, USA. They play instrumental rock music pieces. Chris King, Jeremy Galindo, Donovan Jones and Alex Bhore are the current members of This Will Destroy You. Their music is specific for being overlong atmospheric and instrumental. This Will Destroy You was formed around 2005 by guitarists Chris King and Jeremy Galindo, now former bassist and keyboardist Raymond Brown and drummer Andrew Miller in San Marcos, Texas. In the beginning the ban tried tracks with vocals but stopped experimenting claiming that it was “awful”. They focused on instrumental pieces and to this date they released two studios albums This Will Destroy You (2008) and Tunnel Blanket (2011); two EPs Young Mountain (2006) and Moving On The Edges of Things (2010); one split with Lymbyc Systym  - Field Studies (2009) and one single Communal Blood (2010).

What I found interesting about this band that made me write a review of them? I’m sucker for long pieces of music which are melodic. Sounds they produce come out of the speakers in a soothing way slowly encompassing my room. What the band achieved is conveying very strong emotion without singing them out in lyrics and tone. Just instruments. Certainly This Will Destroy You could be played all day long in my home and I wouldn’t even notice it. So perfectly fit to my mind. Bellow are two fanmade clips of the same song but with different interpretation. Enjoy! J

This Will Destroy You
Years active: 2005 - present

  • Instrumental Rock
  • Post-rock
  • Drone

Current members:

  • Chris King
  • Donovan Jones
  • Jeremy Galindo
  • Alex Bhore
Final Score: 8/10

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