czwartek, 14 lipca 2011

White borscht - brilliant army ration


                Once more I review my family’s delicacy, namely my grandmother’s white borscht. Among my family members it gained almost legendary status.

                Even though the recipe is widely available and my grandma uses it, her borscht tastes differently. Sometimes it is so thick I can set a spoon upright and it won’t fall. Alright I’m exaggerating but it would be cool, wouldn’t it? But it’s a fact that is much thicker than the average soup. I would like to state here that I don’t eat meat (No I don’t belong to people who think we should not eat carrion or harm the poor animals for food – I just don’t like it). So yes, my borscht is deprived of sausage. Of course it is still made on one. Without the sausage in stock it would taste awfully. When the borscht is poured into the soup plate it is good to wait a minute or two for the skin. I personally add three slices of bread; two hard-boiled eggs cut into pieces, pepper, salt, butter, horseradish and mix them. One plate of it is enough to fill me for a whole day, and the day after. Moreover I drink tea with the white borscht to make it easier for me to ingest it.


                What’s more I think the army should take the recipe from my grandmother and use it as new full ration. It is so good. One plate - two days without eating. Think of the possibilities! I must hurry and write down how my grandma makes the white borscht and sell it to the best restaurants! It is really that good.

Final Score: 10/10

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