wtorek, 5 kwietnia 2011

To sum up it is 88

I know Sum 41 only from this one song called 88 (whatever meaning they wanted or didn’t wanted convey by this?). It comes from the 2004 studio album Chuck.

To be honest I stumbled upon this song watching an AMV (Anime Music Video) presented to me by my cousin. And I must say I’m really impressed with the share power of guitars and percussion during the first 20 seconds of song. Then it becomes calm but just for a short time. Vocals are good for this part. After that the song literally explodes into awesomeness. Once again guitars and percussion hit hard our ears with hard rock music and now vocals are taking part in it delivering loads and loads of energy and emotion. However I didn’t like the ending. It seems as if Sum 41 didn’t know how to end this song. As for the lyrics I try to not to interpret them because to me it is idiotic. There are as many interpretations as the listeners. We should listen, think, and keep it for ourselves. Maybe this is why I fail to approve the ending of song? Nevertheless it is a great song. Below is the aforementioned AMV – as a bonus it contains edited 88 which ends with a refrain.

Final Score: 6.5/10

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  1. I don't mind Sum 41 in particular, but I just think their style is very.. American boy band -ish :o

    However a band with a slightly similar style that I am a sucker for, is We Are Scientists.

  2. Nice review, although sum 41 is meh to me.

  3. could be great as an action movie track. :D

  4. Another interesting read! Great blogger!