czwartek, 7 kwietnia 2011

Today apple pie, tomorrow the world!

Today you’ll be reading review of my mom’s apple pie =D

It is based on the standard recipe popular in my country so don’t expect the same as in American Pie. The two main visible ingredients are two layers of shortcrust pastry and between them one layer of apple jam.  There isn’t anything that I can say wrong about this pie. Its taste is one of the best mainly because my mom with grandma and aunts spent years perfecting making of an apple pie. In addition apple layer is not that sweet. The jam is made out of apples from my grandma’s orchard so the taste is sweet and sour (but don’t try imagining this taste using the same quality of taste as in sweet and sour sauce it’s completely different). Below is a pic of how the apple pie looks in my country. Hope you liked it J

(And yes my reviews are becoming shorter. This is because I need to write my first draft of diploma paper)

Final Score: 8/10

8 komentarzy:

  1. Looks delicious. I want a slice!

  2. This caught me on my "I need to make" phase, think I'll make an Apple Pie! YUM.

  3. I haven't had homemade apple pie in years, gotta visit family more I guess.

  4. Dragmire and Jay sorry but it disappears in a matter of two to three days or less ;)